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Re: Yesterday's tragedy

As I sat glued to the TV all day watching as this tragedy unwrapped. I told 
my daughters now I guess we knew what my parents had felt when Pearl Harbor 
was boomed. I had recalled the thoughts my mother had shared with me of how 
she felt on that awful day in Dec. 1941. How just a few months back when the 
D-day Memorial was dedicated just 20 miles east of me, how my father finally 
opened up and told my daughters and myself the sad things he saw as he 
brought the landing boats to the beach that day and how the tears filled his 
eyes still. Then I listened quietly as he told me how he never thought in his 
life time he would see the German walls come down, Russia fall ... out of 
eight siblings the four oldest including him they all joined the forces to 
fight for our freedom in W.W.II. His oldest sister was a wack. I have a 
newspaper clipping of them all and my grandparents and my grandfather with 
coal dust still on him I believe its titled "The Fighting Sinclairs" although 
they spelt their name St.Clair. My forefathers before have all fought for our 
 Once again Americans will pull together again we will stand as one... United 
one Nation under God for Liberty and Justice for all.  My thoughts and 
prayers go out to the many victims and their families. The world will see 
this wont stop us Americans. 
 God Bless America,
Timberly St.Clair Robertson