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Re: wee problems, not for list

--- alexander chalmers <steve@afsc.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> To JSQ and friends ,  Can you please help .I am
> relatively new to this email stuff , enjoying the
> vast amount of info but have 2 wee problems. So far.
> I signed up , i think correctly with my full name ,
> or at least the official Alexander whilst I am
> normally known as Steve Chalmers, which I would
> prefer to be the one displayed . Can you please
> oblige and alter that.
>     In response to something I wrote I had a reply
> from Australia with a non Sinclair question re
> origin and meaning of Salinthe  and would like to
> reply direct rather than fill up Sinclair pages. How

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

Hi Steve,

Well, first about your outgoing name. As far as I
know, JSQ can't alter your outgoing name; you have to
do that yourself at FSnet.co.uk.
I made also an account to look how one can change
one's outgoing name. I came to the conclusion that you
can't change your name. Normally you can change your
outgoing name, but at your mailprovider (FSnet.co.uk)
it's impossible.
Now there are two options;
1) Cancel your account (login --> click options -->
click cancel account) and after that register again,
but now with Steve as First Name.
2) Start an account at Yahoo! (http://mail.yahoo.com)
or Hotmail (http://www.hotmail.com)
About your second 'problem'; I also often have to
reply something 'off-list'. This is the very simple
way I do that; 
1) When you have read the mail, select the
mail-address which stands after FROM:
2) When selected, push CTRL-C (Copy).
3) Click reply
4) Select 'sinclair@quarterman.org' which stands after
5) When selected, push CTRL-V (Paste).
6) Now send your reply.

By the way,

You can practise it, by trying to reply this mail
off-list :-)

Kind regards,

Jean de St. Sigeron

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