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Re: wee problems, not for list

on 9/7/01 2:33 PM, alexander chalmers at steve@afsc.fsnet.co.uk wrote:

> To JSQ and friends ,  Can you please help .I am relatively new to this email
> stuff , enjoying the vast amount of info but have 2 wee problems. So far.
> I signed up , i think correctly with my full name , or at least the official
> Alexander whilst I am normally known as Steve Chalmers, which I would prefer
> to be the one displayed . Can you please oblige and alter that.
> In response to something I wrote I had a reply from Australia with a non
> Sinclair question re origin and meaning of Salinthe  and would like to reply
> direct rather than fill up Sinclair pages. How do I do that ?
> Thanks for your work so far !
> Slainthe       Steve,     Edinburgh
Dear Steve( Alexander ),
Hi--- My husband is looking for the Chalmers family that originated in the
Orkneys, are you part of that family?
Sorry I can not help you with your question , I am new too.
Myrna Sinclair (Canada)

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