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Sinclair Dates

   September 9

   1087: William d., William the Conqueror, The Bastard, King of England,
   Duke of Normandy, Count of Rouen died in Rouen.

   1513: Battle of Flodden Field, [2]Many killed, including James IV,
   George Sinclair of Keiss, William Sinclair, second Earl of

   1513: Battle of Flodden,
   [4]William helped lead the right wing of the Scottish army that beat
   the English left wing. Unlike some he returned to help the rest of the
   Scots and was killed. Loss of 600 Sinclairs including George Sinclair
   of Keiss, Henry 3rd Lord Sinclair, The Bishop of Caithness as well as
   King James IV of Scotland.

   1543: Mary Queen of Scots, [5]Coronation.

   1582: George Sinclair d., Fourth Earl of [6]Caithness, dies in
   Edinburgh. [7]Buried at Rosslyn.

   2000: Viking Ships in Maine, [8]Portland


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