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Re: Sir John Sinclair

At 22:28 07/09/2001 EDT, you wrote:
>     Recently I purchased a book called Old Scottish Customs by E. J. 
>Guthrie.  It was published in 2001 by Scotpress in Bruceton Mills, West 
>Virginia.  In the preface to this book it is stated that much of the
>comes from a collection edited by Sir John Sinclair entitled The Statistical 
>Account of Scotland.  It was published in 21 volumes.  Can anyone please
>me who Sir John Sinclair was and when and where he lived?

Dear Susan,

As to the background to Sir John, others on this list would be much more
equipped to give you an accurate run-down of this famous Sinclair:
meanwhile, you may be interested in viewing the abovementioned books "The
Statistical Accounts of Scotland" online at the following website address:


- but be warned: once youve started reading, it will be very difficult to
tear yourself away!

Cheers from Western Australia,

Ian Newman
Perth, W.A.
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