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Re: 'Sinclair sabre's '

Dear Jeff

Men fought because the Chief called them out.  If they did not come they
were burnt out of their homes. One poor lad (Angus McNeil) lost his life for
a 40 Square yard potato patch.  We go maudlin and teary over Culloden and
the lost cause.  Culloden ended the Highland way of life.  The old feudal
ways with their cruel life and death, no appeal authority died, in
Drummossie Moor, with the Italian Pretender.

Today a man is accountable for his actions.  The British Parliament is
sweeping away the last vestiges of 'who your father was' and letting men be
judged by abilities and ambitions.  The 'grunts' after Nuremberg and Mai Lai
now must be aware of what  they are doing what they are doing and why.

Every man should stand equal in the light of freedom's day. There should be
government with the consent of the people, by the people and for the people.
If the government is not of the people it is the right and the duty of the
people to change it

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> Dear La Behotierre:
> I always enjoy your postings.
> I think perhaps that it's possible the Sinclairs had not so much more

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