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Re: 'Sinclair sabre's '

The same site has a picture of a "Sinclair Saber" (sic).  It says "A Good
German Fighting Saber for the Militia (Known as the Sinclair Saber).  The
Iron hilt of distinctive form with pierced "Hearts" shaped design guard .
Large octagonal section facetted shaped pommel.   Slightly downcurved oval
sided quillons terminating with a button, spurring also away at the rear to
form thumb and rear hand guard.   Steel twisted wire bound  grip (Later)
with Turks heads top and bottom. The wide saber blade of   34" with two
fullers on each side running for three quarter's of   the blade length
finishing with a hatched point.   Armour bright finish to blade, hilt
retaining areas of a dark blue finish.  This is a fine example of this type
of sword in excellent condition. The main variation on this sword is the
slightly downcurved quillons instead of them being re-curved. Circa 1600.
This type of sword was used by Sinclair's mercenary troops on an expedition
to Scandinavia.     See: Tower of  London Collection (IX-1013)."  See
http://www.fineantiquearms.com/CatSRD2.htm, and expensive.  This is a
straight edged weapon, and as far as I know, sabres have curved blades, e.g.
see http://www.kismeta.com/diGrasse/zablocki_abstract.htm. The confusion may
come from the Norwegian word for sword, as either "sverd" or "sabel" are
interchangeable.  Sinclair's sword would have become known as "Sinclair


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> Oh my!  What horrendous prices are quoted.  Peter Dale Ltd in the Royal
> Arcade can supply at much more reasonable prices.  There are two shops in
> Rouen who currently have 'Sinclair sabre's' for sale in the FRF 3000- 4500
> price range.  The sword was not the uncommon.  I have yet to learn the
> origin of the swords'  name. The heart was a common marking  to ' Sinclair

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