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Sinclair War Graves

Recently going through the Somme we visited five war cemeteries, Four
Commonwealth and one French.  We gazed at the immaculately kept grounds of
the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the French Ministry of War site.
Men from 17 to 40 lay side by side, row upon row. Countless tombstones bore
the inscription "here lies a solider of the great war known only to God"
Brits, Commonwealth troops and Germans..I could not resist  tears.

On a wind swept hill. overlooking green fields, groaning under the richness
of crop and lowering herds of cattle,   the Australian Great War memorial
contains 10,863 Australian names are engraved on a wall that remembers those
who have no final resting place.

We digitly photographed all Sinclair gravestones.  If anyone has relatives
or friends, whose graves they have never seen, from WWI or WWII that lie in
Northern France and send me their names and location and as we visit
varrious Cemetaries or Memorials we send  a digital photo to whoever asks.

They do have have to be Sinclair.  Each man's precious life was given so
that we may live free.

It order not to overburden this list please wirte your requests to
     'Here, where the world is quiet;
     Here, where all trouble seems
     Dead winds' and spent waves' riot
     In doubtful dreams of dreams;
     I watch the green field growing
     For reaping folk and sowing,
     For harvest-time and mowing,
     A sleepy world of streams.' A. C. Swinburne.


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