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Re: Sinclair War Graves

Dear Cousin,
I have twice attempted to send a note directly to you at the
sinclair@sinclair.ch address below and it has bounced both times due to
"possible SPAM"?
Thank you for your offer of sending grave stone pictures from the Somme.  My
Grand Father died there on Friday September 15th 1916 and his memorial
reference that I have is:
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 9D9C13C and 12C.
Charles Ernest Sinclair, Rifleman 4877, 1st/17th Bn. London Regiment.
If you do have a picture of his grave I and my extended family will be most
Best regards in anticipation,
David Sinclair

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> Recently going through the Somme we visited five war cemeteries, Four
> Commonwealth and one French.  We gazed at the immaculately kept grounds of
> the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the French Ministry of War
> Men from 17 to 40 lay side by side, row upon row. Countless tombstones

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