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Katherine Lurking

> Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 08:14:51 -0400
> From: "Rory Sinclair" <rory.sinclair@home.com>
> Subject: Re: Prince Henry Sinclair
> Always glad to see that you lurk .. although our only proof that you
do is
> when you pipe up!
> Aye,
> Rory

Dear Rory,

Well, since I lurk on behalf of your cousin Adam Sinclair, I figured
you guys wouldn't mind.  :-)  And not really being a Sinclair myself,
other than by adoption, I figure it's better to say little, and be
thought an idiot on matters Sinclairian, than to comment just to be
commenting, and remove all doubt!  The White book was excellent,
though.  I'm glad to hear that copies are still available.  With my
schedule, important books often sit unread for far longer than I'd
like.  But this one is definitely worth the effort.

All the best,

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