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Re: Laura Zolo's voyage

I too have been searching the maps.  The one of that area is so thick with
names of towns that if there were a river course, one would never see it.
But there seems to be the Magog River running north out of Lake Mempremagog
which I can't pick up on the bad Quebec map.   I did have a link to that
website but I see it isn't working any longer.  I believe the author had a
description of the route.  But it surely is curious.   I think the
Connecticut River would have been closer.

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> Dear Folks:
> I cannot figure out how Laura, if she is going to be on Lake Ontario at
> Bronte Harbour ( I know Bronte Road but not the Harbour but that does not
> mean that there is not one  --  it is about an hour's drive from Toronto)
> will get to Lake Mempremagog in Quebec near the Vermont border.   The

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