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Re: Laura Zolo's voyage

I find the town of Bronte between Toronto and Hamilton.  Is that where
Bronte Harbor is?
This will be quite an oportunity for the Canadians in that area and upstate
New Yorkers to meet her.

   Then into Lake Erie, to Huron, I suppose.  Then What.  Does she take Lake
Superior (that is a bad place) to Duluth?  or Down Lake Michigan to the
Indian route through Wisconsin via Green Bay, Fox river, a portage to ? and
somehow getting to the Wisconsin River to the Mississippi??  Or does the
Illinois River out of Chicago work out?   What an adventure.
    I was just in Wisconsin.  This makes me sick that I am missing all of
this again!!!  Well, maybe all is not lost.  If she comes down the
Mississippi, she could come up the Savannah river.  That would be  close
enough to attend the games at Stone Mt. in October.
> And Laura's journey continues.
> As I write, she is sailing the "7 Roses" up the Hudson River to the Great
> and, thence, down the Mississippi River system.
> Laura hopes to be anchored off Bronte Harbor, Lake Ontario by July 24th
> where she will stay until such time as she has explored certain (possible)
> Prince Henry sites in the Lake Memphremagog area.
> You can e-mail Laura on SETTEROSES@aol.com    Flood her with messages
> of support.  Even better, help us provision her boat for the next stage of
> her great
> voyage of exploration and discovery.  And in that provisioning do not
> forget her

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

> of courage or, perhaps, it is that unquestioning faith and loyalty which
> expect
> from our four-legged friends and which, alas, we so seldom receive from
> fellow
> man.
> Niven Sinclair

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