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Re: Laura Zolo's voyage

Dear Folks:
I cannot figure out how Laura, if she is going to be on Lake Ontario at
Bronte Harbour ( I know Bronte Road but not the Harbour but that does not
mean that there is not one  --  it is about an hour's drive from Toronto)
will get to Lake Mempremagog in Quebec near the Vermont border.   The latter
cannot be reached from Bronte without some fancy sailing in many directions
and several months.  Keep in mind that   it takes about 10 hours driving at
a good clip to get there on major motorways from Toronto and water routes
are by no means even remotely as direct.  If she plans to park the boat and
then drive, that is the only way I can imagine her getting there.

My geography tells me she would have gone to Lake Mempremagog during the
Hudson River explorations when she was up by Lake Champlain.

Where can I see her plan of voyage???  There is something amiss here.


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> I find the town of Bronte between Toronto and Hamilton.  Is that where
> Bronte Harbor is?
> This will be quite an oportunity for the Canadians in that area and
> New Yorkers to meet her.

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