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Laura Zolo's voyage

Dear Cousins and especially new people to this list.

I have just been updating information to the heroic saga of Laura Lolo who
retraced the voyage of the Zenos from Venice, visiting Templar ports along
the way to Orkney where she then followed the course of Prince Henry's
voyage to Nova Scotia in 1398.  And of course then on to Westford, MA and
Newport, RI.

Let's not forget that this drama was unfolding just last year.   Refresh
your memories (I didn't know until this latest information about her brush
with the ice bergs)   at:

and  www.clansinclair.org/per_pr_phssns.htm

And I bet very few of you know about the great reception she had in NYC plus
all the opportunities to spread the information about Prince Henry's voyage
to so many there.
www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_re_m_westford.htm   scroll down through the
events in Westford and then you'll see the NYC stuff.

I think you will agree that the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North
America (PHSSNA)  has certainly done a tremendous job in changing the pages
of history.  Anyone with a particular interest in working with them should
contact Neil St. Clair  at Neil St. Clair-NS
  neilcalyx@ns.sympatico.ca  Their membership comes from all over the world
and is not exclusive to Sinclairs but open to anyone who is interested in
correcting history.


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