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RE: Nova Scotia


You are so right to wonder.
Its the creation of Oak Island, Rosslyn Chapel and all other mysterious
sites around the world that generates wonder in those of us that ask; Why?
And by asking why, we take steps that bring us closer to understanding the
mysteries of men, nature and  aspects of god.  These places can only be
visited if you know about before-hand, the encapsulate certain truths hidden
from those without the knowledge to understand them.

However, with specific regard to your suggestion that OI could be both a
Viking and Templar site; its not necessarily a treasure site; though its
commonly perceived as such, because it engenders more excitement for those
that begin their personal journey on this type of quest.  

Here is some points on Viking activity just prior to Prince Henry.
In the 14th century annals of Norway , it is stated; "Inhabitants of
Greenland fell voluntarily away from the true faith and the Christian
religion, and having given up all good manners and true virtues, advertent
genestem". The "advertent genestem", means, "turned to the people" or "went
native" .
In 1342 , Bishop Oddson in Iceland stated; "The inhabitants of Greenland
voluntarily abandoned the true faith and the Christian Religion, and
amalgamated themselves with the people of America", [ad Americae populos se
converterunt] .
Now Prince Henry has Viking blood immediately through his Mother.  This in
time provides him with the title of Earl or Jarl and facilitates his naval
power and ability to sail to North America 1398AD or earlier.
His Viking blood runs through his Father also; though more distantly, via
Normandy, via Rollo's son.
Henry's allegiance is pledged also to Queen Margaret of Norway.
So we can weave Prince Henry into tapestry of Viking history for a start.
IMHO Henry's journey is not so much a mission to explore North America, but
to re-discover it, re-claim it, re-work it as colonies for a number of
To conclude, we cannot at this stage determine if Prince Henry ever went to
OI, due to lack of evidence at present.
Should the Money Pit be excavated and relics retrieved that indicate his
presence, then all the better.
The Money Pit is a bit of an enigma.
What troubles me with this Oak Island is there are too many influences, over
time that indicate its use way, way before Prince Henry and his Viking
Sea Levels rise and fall, as does the capacity of men and women to remember
and recognise what has gone before them.

Kindest Regards
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