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Nova Scotia

Hi all,

First, congratulations with your sister's baby, Jenny.

Well, if I wouldn't have been on this list; maybe I
would never have heard of Nova Scotia. But because I
am, I was immediately interested in a sort of
travel-program on TV about 'Nova Scotia'.

First thing what surprised me was, that Nova Scotia
was called 'Acadia' or 'Arcadia' by the French. That's
very interesting and immediately the Sinclairs showed
me their footprints on this country too.

After that they started talking about pirates. Pirates
in Nova Scotia?? Yes, the biggest pirate-spot in the
world! Whow. That surprised me too. 

There was an island called 'Oak Island' in Arcadia. An
island which would cover a great treasure. But the
strangest thing of all was that it was said that that
the treasure would be the treasure of the Knights
Templars. Unfortenately, this was not the only theory.
There is also a theory that it is a treasure of the
first Vikings who came to America.

Well, I was wondering if it could be that it is both!
Look what was the real reason that the Sinclairs went
to America before Columbus. Where they just interested
in exploring, or was it something else? Could it be
that, that treasure was a knights templar treasure
broght before Columbus?

I was just wondering,

Jean de St. Sigeron

-Et in arcadia ego-

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