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Wedding Congratulations

Dear Donald
Congratulations on your son's forthcoming marriage. Our only son, Mark 
Andrew Sinclair-Stokes was married on the 2nd June this year. You did not 
meet him when you were here, but you did meet Clive Sinclair whose wife 
Gloria died three years ago from cancer. He has met a new partner and they 
are to be wed in Tasmania, November 3rd this year.
For us Mark and Janine's wedding was quite a day, as we had never thought 
they would get to the point. Do enjoy yourself. It is a very special time.
Jean Sinclair Stokes

At 03:54  13/07/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Ian,
>               Great to hear your back on line.  We always enjoy seeing the
>various messages generated from around the world.  Our home e-mail is
>djhsmfs@aol.com. You and your good lady would be most welcome at the
>festivities should you care to come.  The big day is August 4th in Yountville
>in the Napa Valley.  This area is about two hours from San Francisco in good
>traffic, about four hours during rush hours.  Pity we don't have our own
>plane to make available but we can promise a pick up at San Francisco airport
>to whatever hotel you manage to book into.  We do realize it's a long way and
>a costly process to get here so we have purposely limited the overseas
>invitations.  We do intend to send announcements after the fact of this happy
>event.  All the best to you both, Donald & Mary.

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