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Re: The Smithsonian, Clovis people, and Kennewick man...

Most of the mines they are looking at have not been reworked.  They are
simply relatively small open pits, the size of which correspond to the upper
proportions that would limit early man to dig using ladders and ropes.  Many
have just about silted in but are still identifiable evidently.  One of the
things I was looking for in this book that I thought someone somewhere had
stated was that an analysis was done on copper ingots found in a sunken ship
in the Mediterranian and the results showed that the copper could only have
come from this area or did it just rule out European sites?  But, unless I
missed it, it wasn't stated in the Kitchi-Gummi book.

> But how do you look for 5000 year-old evidence in a mine that was
> just a century and a half ago?

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