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The Smithsonian, Clovis people, and Kennewick man...

Susan Marsh found these for me:

Clovis people: Dennis Stanford:

	Please remember in the context of the time frames: There is an extensive
10,600 year old Paleo-Indian site in Debert, Nova Scotia at which they have
found 10,600 year old Latin American artifacts, indicating trade and

10,000 year-old underwater city off japan, maybe one off Cuba...Stonehenge,
Egypt...South America...I must do a Map and a book of days for this
stuff...it's contemporary with the building of the Sphinx, according to
some, although I'm inclined to believe that it's older...but I'm inclined to
believe that everything, even Niven, is older...

If I had a theory: you can tie all these sites & speculations together with
Sanford's Opinion (he is/was the head of Archeology for the Smithsonian) and
get a picture of a known world, not a New World...

Great heaps of knowledge were destroyed or forbidden in the first half of
the first Millennium...

The natural routes are Iceland, Greenland, L'Anse Aux meadows, Nova Scotia,
New England, and on down the coast...up rivers, into the St Lawrence...all
over the continent. I'm not surprised if copper was mined here centuries
ago, as I feel (without one shred of evidence) that the Gold River was mined
then as well...

But how do you look for 5000 year-old evidence in a mine that was re-worked
just a century and a half ago?

As for archeological evidence, it has been pointed out before on this list
that it was a policy of the Church to build on previously sacred sites and
obliterate all trace of them. There are some spectacular churches in nova
scotia...not necessarily for their architecture, but for their land &

	be well,

Other Clovis sites:

While I was at it I found several interesting sites on Kennewick man



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