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Re: A not-important question

I agree. Does it really matter that more than a few years back we had 
dyslexic ancestors who couldn't settle on a unified form of a word. How 
many ways did Shakespeare spell his name - isn't it something like 14? We 
are Sinclair, but St Clair and Tinkler and Sinclare and so on all come from 
the same roots. One of my small cousins used to call me Tinkler 
because  his sister and I share the same Christian name and he knew I 
wasn't his sister, and he really couldn't say Sinclair.
With  a smile - it's a lovely day here.
Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>intended but it was too easy to have a chuckle over this one.  Charlotte
>Gellis, granddaughter of Charles Pendleton StClair

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