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Patriot, Privateer or Pirate John Sinclair

John Sinclair (1755-1820)  was a American Privateer in the War of 1812. 39
years after the American rebellion. He was not granted a letter of Marque 12
day of December 1814.  He held a letter of Marque from Colombia.
Privateers and Pirates a fine line. Pirates have always been intimately
associated with the title of Caithness . Rollo and his band of merry men
were 'Le Pirate Normand'.  Time moves on.  When the Spanish Armada were
defeated by Drake they sailed up the rock bound coasts of Scotland.  The
then Earl of Caithness had beacons set up to draw the Spaniards ashore,
Some of Spain's finest nobles were slaughtered on the rock bound Caithness
coast.  What was left of them sailed down through the Irish sea.  When they
came ashore in Ireland the local population gave them a different welcome.
They interbred with them.

The  river of history flows on.  The second son of the Earl of Caithness
went to seek his fortune in the new lands of Northern Virginia.  His
grandson was the Patriot, Privateer or Pirate John Sinclair, depending on
who and when his story is told.  Sinclair together with Jean Laffit, sold
for 30,000 the plans to the British for the American defence of New
Orleans.   New Orleans was .founded in 1717 by France, it was for the most
part a non-profitable port and France ceded New Orleans to Spain in 1762. A
few years later, the American colonist had a rebellion  and were now known
as the United States The new founded nation expanded to the Mississippi and
saw the river as a  way to move produce to the  Ocean.  Americans, were
called .Kaintucks' (Slang for Kentuckian) by the French and Spaniards of New
Orleans. The locals did not care for them. They harassed them.  New Orleans
was an unprofitable port for Spain. Spain decided to secretly give New
Orleans back to France in 1800. The French were no dummies and so in 1803,
they tricked President Thomas Jefferson into buying New Orleans and the rest
of Louisiana, and in turn they could use the money to fight a war with most
of Europe. The history books refer to this as the Louisiana Purchase. With
this turn of events the Colombian Privateer John Sinclair became the
American Privateer. Oh and by the way also the British Privateer.

James Madison, President of the United States of America,
To all who shall see these presents, Greeting:
 BE IT KNOWN, That in pursuance of an act of congress, passed on the 26th
day of June one thousand eight hundred and twelve, I have Commissioned, and
by these presents do commission, the private armed Brig of the burden of
three hundred & Nineteen tons, or thereabouts Mounting eighteen carriage
guns, and navigated by one hundred & twenty nine men, hereby authorizing the
captain, and  lieutenant of the  Brig and the other officers and crew
thereof, to subdue, seize, and take any armed or unarmed British vessel,
public or private, which shall be found within the jurisdictional limits of
the United States, or elsewhere on the high seas, or within the waters of
the British dominions, and such captured vessel, with her apparel, guns, and
appertenances, and the goods or effects which shall be found on board the
same, together with all the british persons and others who shall be found
acting on board, to bring within some port of the United States; and also to
retake any vessel, goods, and effects of the people of the United States,
which may have been captured by any British armed vessel, in order that
proceedings may be had concerning such capture or recapture in due form of
law, and as to right and justice shall appertain. The said Captain is
further authorized to detain, seize, and take all vessels and effects, to
whomsoever belonging, which shall be liabel thereto according to the law of
nations and the rights of the United States as a power at war, and to bring
the same within some port of the United States, in order that due
proceedings may be had thereon. This commission to continue in force during
the pleasure of the president of the United States for the time being.

 GIVEN under my hand and seal of the United States of America, at the City
of Washington, the twelfth day of December in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and fourteen and of the independence of the said
states the thirty ninth.

Jas. Monroe, Secretary of State.

The spelling is from the time that this letter was granted


Captain John of Virginia, patriot, privateer, and alleged pirate
Claude Olwen Lancianno JR Lands End Books Gloucester Va. USA
The Sinclair Family of Virginia
Jefferson Sinclair Seldin  private printing Hampton Va c1964

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