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Re: Jamaica Soccer Team

To the 'Lincoln-readers'/'Priory of Sion' people,

How accidently? The mother of Bob Marley a Sinclair!
Maybe you can remember him singing 'Iron Lion Zion'.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that the
Jamaican people believed in Zion (or Sion) as a holy
This brings me to Ethiopian believes where one of
there most holy churches (in Axum), has been built by
'templars' (read: Sinclairs). It is said that the Arc
of the Convenant is there. The name of that church is
'St. Mary of Sion.' How accidently!

Jean de St. Sigeron

--- DSinc39156@aol.com wrote:
> I was in Jamaica about a month ago. While being
> driven to the Martha Brae river, by our PHD (Pot
> Hole Dodger)chaufer, a delivery van passed us that
> was emblazoned with "Sinclair & Co." I understand
> that Bob Marley's mother was a Sinclair. I have also
> read, I think in Morrison's book, that one of the
> early settlers in Jamaica was a Thomas Sinclair.
> There must have been a bagpipe presence there, as
> Martha Brae herself was the daughter of a Scottish
> merchant.
> Speaking of Sinclair Athletes. This last weekend was

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