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Re: St. Clairs in Scotland

At 22:09 17/06/2001 -0500, Neil St. Clair of Nova Scotia wrote:
>I am curious to know whether there are any St. Clairs 
>living at the present time in Scotland or the Orkneys or 
>have they all adopted the Sinclair version?

G'day Neil,

I was in Scotland in April, and know of two St Clairs names in the
Kirkcaldy area telephone book.  

Interestingly, I found the following street names whilst there:  
Rosabelle St/St Clair St/Sutherland Pl/Rosslyn Gdns/St Clair Tce/
Pentland Pl/Orkney Pl/Lothian Tce/Caithness Pl.
There is also a St Clair Centre, Motor Company, Service Station,
Tavern and Veterinary Group.

This, linked with the fact that one of the several old towns that were
years ago amalgamated to form what is today known as Kirkcaldy was
called "Sinclairtown" leads me to believe there was a strong Sinclair/St
Clair presence at one time there, maybe still so - unfortunately we ran
out of valuable time whilst there and could investigate no further.

Perhaps someone can comment on this.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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