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Re: Off-Topic

Both my sister and I were Federal Employees at the time, both in the
Mid-West, and it could have been either of us. The day of the bombing was
the only day in 35 years that all 4 of my children called me at work. It
was a scary day for all of us.

BUT closure comes only from GOD and each individual learning to forgive.
I hope I have taught my children this, but if I had been a victim, who
knows how they would have reacted.

My prayers goes to the families left, that they find solace and can go on
with their lives.
But I do agree, there should have been NO NEWS coverage on this day.

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 10:40:39 +1000 Jean Stokes <sinead@milamba.com>
>Dear Niven,
>I agree it should have been done quietly and with discretion, but 
>all, a polite entertainment of our ancestors was to watch the hangings 
> - 
>was it at Newgate? And to drive out to Bedlam and  watch the idiots at 
>play. We have a taste for the gruesome. (Even back to the Roman days 
>Christians and lions.)
>I suspect the American people may have been wanting his head in 

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