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Re: Off-Topic

Dear Niven,
I agree it should have been done quietly and with discretion, but after 
all, a polite entertainment of our ancestors was to watch the hangings  - 
was it at Newgate? And to drive out to Bedlam and  watch the idiots at 
play. We have a taste for the gruesome. (Even back to the Roman days of 
Christians and lions.)
I suspect the American people may have been wanting his head in reparation, 
but his face seemed wiped of all emotion. Mark commented he looked like a 
Any way, peace be on the souls of those who died and those who carry the 
anger still.

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>his crime by making a pantomine out of his execution which should have 
>been swift, silent, unseen
>and unsung.
>Niven Sinclair
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