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Re: USMC refusal

Anyone can order a military record from the National Archives in Washington,
D.C.  You must first  get an official order blank.  Do not send any money.
When they find the record they will notify you and give you the cost. You
then send the amount required.  They receive thousands of orders every day
and the process takes about 6 weeks to complete.  After the civil war, you
may be required to give the social security number of deceased and your
relationship.  This is necessary to comply with privacy laws.  I do not know
the year this requirement begins but Bill's dad was a Cmdr and we could not
get his records without the info.  He served over 30 years so I would guess
he entered sometime in the early '30s.  I have not ordered any for WWI so
don't have that knowledge.

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I'll write a letter to USMC Cmdt. if you'll give me the date and any other
identification info re your request. Also add their reply and who signed the
response if it wasn't Michalick. I'd need the date/info from the letter

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