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Re: USMC refusal

Bro Bill

I am scanning and copying the Marines' Letter to you.  Would like have you
put your letter on the list you are the only American I have heard from

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From: William S. Buehler <roslinne@fone.net>
To: sinclair@matrix.net <sinclair@matrix.net>
Date: 09 June 2001 23:38
Subject: USMC refusal


I'll write a letter to USMC Cmdt. if you'll give me the date and any other
identification info re your request. Also add their reply and who signed the
response if it wasn't Michalick. I'd need the date/info from the letter
response. I have no horsepower as a retired Commander but I concur with your
feelings about the Semper Fi stonewalling. I think I'll also info the Navy
Dept CHINFO. Any other ideas?

Let's go direct email unless your answer may be useful to others re the
reference info.

Bill Buehler


From: "labehotierre" <labehotierre@wanadoo.fr>
Subject: Re:  American Records

We have only the records on name Sinclair of those who fell.  It is hard for
me to justify the answer of the US Marine Corps. The Honourable Minster
in Canada wrote us.  The US Army and Navy co operated. The Commonwealth War
Graves Commission could not be more helpful.  The South Africans, the Dutch,
the Australians even the German helped but the US Marine Corps G. Michalick,
Assistant Head Records Correspondence Personnel Management   Support Branch
by the Direction of the Commandant of the Marine Corps states "The Marine
Corps simply cannot satisfy your request.."The  US Marine Corps apparently
holds the currency of a Sinclair life to be of no value. They do not have
the time to help our family honour those of our name who died for their

I hope that American Sinclairs will write or email G Michalick at

The US Marine Corps always bring their dead home they say,  but after that
they forget them.

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