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Looking for Sinclairs in Northern Ireland

Hello Iain, You don't say which side of the ocean you are on.  I take it
in N. Ireland. There are sources there that are easier to access than I
might from here. Secondly, there were two waves of settlement to
Northern Ireland. The first wave was about 1608 or so, with Cromwell the
sponsor. The second wave was the "Plantation".  I suspect the Sinclair
family may just have come there because they are seafaring people and a
chance to take part of moving goods from one side of the Irish Sea to
the other and then to America and also Europe. There was tremendous
shipping between Scotland, England, Ireland and Europe. Get some reading
under your belt and see what was going on. Try GENUKI Ireland/Scotland
and see what turns up. Parish names in both Ireland and Scotland are a
must. Edinburgh Registry will be helpful, but need specific information.
Ditto in Belfast. I'm doing my looking from the American side. It isn't
always easy.  regards, Sally

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