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Re: Looking for Sinclairs in Northern Ireland

Hi Sally
attached is my family tree of the Sinclair's of hollyhill ,Strabane
N.Ireland. Rev.John Sinclair was James Sinclair of Wester-Brims,and his
father was James Sinclair of Borlum and prior to him is anybody's guess. My
father was the only son of alfred Law Sinclair who married Marjory Fenwick
,I was the only son along with two sisters June Ursula & Daphne Elizabeth.I
married a Margaret Mary McDermott of Letterkenny Co.Donegal and had
adaughter Fionia.
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Subject: Looking for Sinclairs in Northern Ireland

> Hello Iain, You don't say which side of the ocean you are on.  I take it
> in N. Ireland. There are sources there that are easier to access than I
> might from here. Secondly, there were two waves of settlement to
> Northern Ireland. The first wave was about 1608 or so, with Cromwell the
> sponsor. The second wave was the "Plantation".  I suspect the Sinclair

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