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Re: Looking for Sinclairs in Northern Ireland

Dear Iain, welcome to the list, and good to see another Iain, spelt the
Scots Gaelic way!  I wonder if you have as much trouble getting your second
"i" as me!

With regard to the Plantation of Ireland, as you probably already know,
active English intervention goes back to the reign of Henry VIII, and the
Plantation started during the reign of Mary I ( 1553-1558), continued under
Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) progressed during the reign of James VI and I
(1603-1625) which saw the Ulster Plantation, when most of the Scots arrived,
in 1609/10, and was revived under Cromwell and completed by William of
Orange. The Cromwellian Plantation was in 1652, and the Wilhelmian
Plantation (William of Orange) was in 1693.

Some would say English settlement has its origins in the invasion of Ireland
by Anglo-Normans in 1169 under Fitzgerald, a stronger force under Strongbow
(de Clare, Earl of Pembroke) in 1170, and in 1171 by Henry II on the orders
of the Pope. By 1300 most of Ireland was Norman controlled, but by the 1400s
the Normans' characteristic blending in with the population lead to only a
small area around Dublin known as the "Pale" being under English control.
(Hence the expression "Beyond the Pale".)

There is a "Plantation of Ulster Centre" on the web at
http://www.workspace.org.uk/plantation/ which gives some of the background.

Hoping this helps, but you were probably already there! My maternal Great
Grandmother's father was from Londonderry, but I do not know more than that.

Please also see the Catholic Encyclopedia at

We have some genealogy links on the links page of our website
www.iain-laird.co.uk .

Yours aye


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