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Re: King James 1

> Please can a more learned person, tell me when King James I of Scotland,
> was also King James 5 of England,

It was the other way around.  He was James VI of Scotland and James I
of England.

> became King of France?
> Really am enjoying the time line.
> Thanks
> Myrna Sinclair

This is probably a holdover from when Henry V of England gained the
crown of France for his son, Henry VI.  Kings of England called themselves
also Kings of France for a long time thereafter, even after they lost all
of their land in France.

Elizabeth I of England, James' predecessor, styled herself
  ELIZABETH by the Grace of God of England, Fraunce and Ireland Queene,
  defender of the faith, &c.

James VI & I was an unusual monarch.  He wrote many books and was credited
with designing the Union flag, as well as with popularizing the notion
of the divine right of kings.  It was his parliament that Guy Fawkes
tried to blow up, and of course he commissioned the King James Bible.

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