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Alexader II or Robert I (de Bruce)?

on 21/04/2001 13:32, John S. Quarterman at jsq@matrix.net wrote:

>> Please can a more learned person, tell me when King James I of Scotland,
>> who
>> was also King James 5 of England,
> It was the other way around.  He was James VI of Scotland and James I
> of England.

Hi all,

I have been reading the « Crusader years» published on the Sinclair website.
If find it very interesting but I still wonder about one thing, in terms of
chronology of events:  the historian reports that Henry Sinclair
(1100-1180), 3rd Baron of Roslyn was also known as the Baron of Pentland.

Now, is Pentland the same as Roslyn?
In some fascinating documents that Niven Sinclair sent me about my Clerk
family of Penicuick (then known as Penicok- in the 13th & early 14th
century), the « local legends» say that both the Pentland & Penicuick
estates were bestowed to the Sinclairs & Clerks (back then: de Clerc) « ON
THE SAME OCCASION» (or does it mean: for the same reason? and what would it
But one thing is somewhat confusing here: the same document states that it
all happened under Alexander II (1214-1249).... and a few pages later, it
says that it was Robert (I) de Bruce (1274-1329) who gave them these pieces
of land... ?

Can anyone shed some light here?  Thanks!


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