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Re: Alexader II or Robert I (de Bruce)?

Francine asked : Now, is Pentland the same as Roslyn?
> But one thing is somewhat confusing here: the same document states that it
> all happened under Alexander II (1214-1249).... and a few pages later, it
> says that it was Robert (I) de Bruce (1274-1329) who gave them these
> of land... ?

Probably he was usually called Baron of Rosslyn except when dealing with the
Pentlanders.  "Same occasion" usually means, for the same reason.  Some
lands were given in "Life rent" meaning  for the life of the recepient and
later regiven under "Free Heritage" which meant it was then passed to the
next generations.  Sometimes charters were lost/burned in seiges  and had to
be reissued.  My only reference to Robert the Bruce is the bestowing of
Pentland Moor Forest on William 6th Barron (father of Henry 7th Baron of
Rosslyn, who signed Treaty of Arborath).

Here is an example of the movement of land from the St. Clairs to the hands
of the English:  From "Prince Henry Sinclair" by Frederick Pohl pg 21: The
St. Clairs, who had known better days, suffered much through the unhappy
border conflicts with England that repeatedly brought havoc to Scotland.
Pressured by the English, who advanced their claims under the terms of
Edward de Baliol's preposterous grant to England of all Scotland south of
the Firth of Forth, our Prince Henry's great-grandfather, Sir Henry, on Oct.
13, 1335, forfeited 1/3 of his Barony of Roslin, and died the following
January.  On Sept. 10, 1336, his widow Alice was forced to forfeit her
dowry.  It was not until Prince Henry's time that the family recovered from
these reverses."

I have pulled several references to Pentland from the Clan website that
might show the progression of the Pentland title.
Sir Henry-the Holy, the Crusader 2nd Baron of Rosslyn,
b. 1060 Rosslyn; Given Rosslyn in free heritage (forever);  Warden of
m. Rosabel Forteith d/o E. Strath.
With Malcolm Canmore when he was killed at Alnwick. Awarded for military
successes by King Malcolm III as Bar. of Pentland.

 Henry- 3rd Baron 1110 of Rosslyn
b.c. 1100, d.c. 1180
Baron of Pentland. Knighted by King David I. He was a Privy Counselor to
King David I and was sent by him as an ambassador to Eng. 1156 to reclaim
the disputed territory of Northumberland.

William- 6th Baron 1270 of Rosslyn
b.c. 1240 Rosslyn d. 1297 Tower of London
m. Lucia d. of E. of Strathearn
E. of Orkney and Caithness; Baron of Pentland, Cardain, Cousland; sat in
Scottish Parliament 1283/4;  Ambassador to France 1284;
(just a side story about Pentland Moor Forest) about  1326 Sir William 7th
Baron and s/o Sir Henry won  a bet against his life with King Robert the
Bruce that his dogs were fleeter than Robert's.   Wm. received the entire
Pentland Moor forest, Kirkton, Logan-House, Earncraig in free forestrie.

England captured King David II and demanded the huge ransom of 100,000 marks
with the first installment due June 25, 1358. To help pay the ransom, Prince
Henry's father, Sir William St. Clair 9th Baron of Rosslyn, went as an
English mercenary to help the Teutonic Knights fight in Lithuania. At this
time William held the titles of Baron of Rosslyn, Pentland, Hereford,
Boxborough and seventeen other tracts of land in Scotland and served as
Admiral of the Scottish fleet.

Prince Henry 9th  Baron of Rosslyn and also of 18 other areas: Pentland,
Pentland Moor, Cousland, Cardain, Gourton, Merton, Merchamystone, Hertford,
Grahameshaw, Kirkton, Cavers, Roxborough, Newburg, Auchdale, Earncraig,
Logan House, Easter and Wester Summer Hopes, Middlefield, Whitehaugh, and
Skipperfields.  gave in 1391 to his brother, John, Pentland and Shetland
before leaving for Nova Scotia.

William, 11th Barron of Rosslyn
b.c. 1415 Rosslyn d. 1482 buried Rosslyn Chapel
1476 Last Sinclair Earl of Orkney, 1st Sinclair Earl of Caithness; Great
Chancellor, Chamberlain,General Admiral of Scotland & Chief Justiciary of
Scotland Lieutenant of Scotland.  Lord Warden of the Three Marches, Knight
of the English Order of the Garter & the French Order of the Cockle. Baron
of Pentland & Pentland Moor, Cousland, Cardin of Cardin St. Clair,
Herbertshire, Hertford, Grahamshaws, Kirkton, Cavers, Newburgh, and Roxburgh
and Grand Master of Masons in Scotland.

Oliver St. Clair received Rosslyn, Pentland and other prestigious lands when
his father, Baron of Rosslyn and Earl of Orkney had to divide his lands
among his 3 sons in 1455.

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