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Re: Sinclair

At 22:22 31/03/01 -0600, you wrote:
>I appreciate your information and it possible that she may have been their
>daughter.  However, I am very skeptical that she was due to the fact that
>according to my family Nancy Sinclair, My gg grandmother was Lutheren in
>Religion.  Is there a site that helps with genealogy regarding Lutherens or
>do you know anyone that may know a way to trace the genealogy of Lutherens.
>I appreciate any and all information you are able to provide. \
>Sincerely, Wanda Knotts    porkchop@troycable.net

Lutherans and Presbyterians had much in common.  They both preached hell
and damnation; believed in utter simplicity; shunned representations of the 
and child; sat in cold pews and ate cold porridge.  I know, I was brought 
up as a
Presbyterian of which 'faith' there were no fewer than five separate 
churches in
one tiny village - all with different angles on the same bible but all 
equally adamant
that they were 'right'.

Follow the North Carolina Presbyterian trail and you may find your Lutheran 
If all the Reverend Sinclairs, which I listed in my previous e-mail, don't 
lead you to your
forebears I would be very very surprised.

Try your President Brad Sinclair Barker.  He lives in NC and he will know 
how to trace
your family through the churches there.

Niven Sinclair

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> > >I am truly wondering if anyone can help me in my search for my GG
> > >grandmother's parents.  Her Name was Nancy Sinclair and she was born in
> > >North Carolina according to the 1900 and 1920 Census.  Please anyone with
> > >information please help.  She was born approximately 1878.

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