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Re: Yours Aye

DaneBowen@aol.com wrote:

> Dear Niven,
>      My brother, Robert D. Green, has the ship model in his home.  No one has
> ever asked him to return it to England, but he will be glad to send it back
> if you ask him to do so and give him instructions as to how to send it and
> where to send it. His address is:
>                    Mr. Robert D. Sinclair Green
>                    1512 Atkinson Avenue
>                    Somers Point, New Jersey 08244
>                    U.S.A.      Tel.: 609-383-1066       E-Mail:
> RDSG@compuserve.com
>                     Sincerely,  Susan M. Grady

Dear Susan,

    You are a wondrous person to keep on top of everything as you do.  I am
writing this  since I am happy to know that the model is in good hands - I don't
think it should be going anywhere other than where Niven wants it to go since, I
believe,  he provided all of the funds for it - AND I have an attachment for it
since I carted it around quite a bit here in Nova Scotia.

    By the way, we all should wish Niven a "Happy Birthday" - his birthday is
right about now but he hasn't revealed the exact date but in an E-mail to me a
few minutes ago he did reveal that this is 77th.
He may not have wanted me to advertise this but  -   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIVEN.

Sincerely (Yours Aye),  Neil of Nova Scotia

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