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Re:Alexander Sinckler et al

Dear Timberly, the line as I have been shown goes this way,Alexander,b.? d. 
before 1751?,father of WaymanSr b.1708 d.1762 , children of Wayman are 
Alexander b. ca 1742, Isaac b.ca1744, Robert b..ca 1746, Mary b. ca1748, 
George b. ca 1750, Wayman Jr. b. ca 1752, Elizabeth b. ca 1754.  We know that 
Waymons son Alex. went to Kentucky by 1779 and that Robert's will was 
probated in Bedford Co... VA 1827. Robert Jr. b.1755, d1817 Married Lucy 
Patterson in 1785, they were the parents of William b.1801, d.1872 Married  
Elizabeth Adkerson 1822.theri son Meador b. May 27 1825, d.. Sept 5,1889, 
married Keturah-Anne Craig Dec 14,1846 in Bedford Co Va. Their Children were 
Samuel A. b. ca.1848 d. Civil War Pulaski Co, Charles Robert, James William, 
John Henry b.March 30,1858 ,d.Aug 30,1907 and Payton Ferdinand. this is 
probably not a complete list but all I have at the moment. As I told you the 
other day John Henry is the father of my g.father Charles Pendleton StClair.  
If you want more let me know but I think I have over  done it and not 
particularly well at that but we do seem to have several sources for the 
information about Alexander Sinckler arriving in either 1696 or 1698.  One 
more thing you may not know is that Uncle Payton was a Senator in the 
Virginia legislature. If this is a boring exercise for others on the list 
please let me know and I will communicate privately with those who are 
interested.  I know that I am not very good at this and really do try to make 
it as clear as possible.  Charlotte Gellis
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