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Dear Sinclair cousins,

Through the gracious help, translations, and imaginative suggestions
from Susan M. Grady and her husband I was able to make my first contact
with my Spanish speaking Sinclair cousins in Argentina/Bolivia.  My
granduncle Donaldson Sinclair immigrated to South America in the late
1800's and was last heard from in 1959.  And yes Laurel, I will send the
data when I receive it to the address you gave me however it will be
awhile because my new found cousins rely on someone else's e-mail and
unfortunately they say they are enduring a hard life.

Now my next brick wall.

My grandfather had another brother named WILLIAM JOHN SINCLAIR born
April 15, 1885 at Haddo, Methlick, Scotland.  He married MARTHA WATSON
BROWN September 15, 1908 at the Parish of Cruden, Scotland.  Children:
William born Aug. 11 1908,  Ann Gibson born between 1909-1911, Margaret
(Meg) Bella Greig born July 30, 1912.

Meg, who I first met two years ago, will be 89 in July and presently
lives in Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire.  Meg told me "She never knew her
father, he was a stranger to her.  He was posted missing in action
during WW1 and presumed dead. He had deserted her mother and three

The truth of the matter is, as told by my grandfather and aunts here in
Canada, (I told Meg and she was truly grateful) her father came to
Canada alone looking for a better life for his family.  He returned to
Scotland for his family however his wife refused to immigrate.  William
returned to Canada and went back to Scotland one more time to try to
convince her to return with him.  His wife refused again so he went back
to Canada never to see his wife and three children again.  We have no
other information about him other than he was a Merchant Marine.

My grandfather thought his brother eventually settled in either
Cincinnati, Ohio or somewhere in Illinois however he was not sure if
those were the places or not.  With so little information will it be
impossible to track his descendants in the U.S.A. if he married again?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Les Sinclair
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