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Re: My Sinclairs

At 19:41 31/03/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I've followed everyones advice and have now gotten alittle further with my 
>Sinclairs but it has been tough and I'm hoping someone out there might 
>have a connection. My GGrandfather is Loami Sinclair born in Bartlett, 
>N.H. about 1864, occupation farmer. He married Emma Drown in Bartlett, 
>N.H. on 01 Nov. 1885 and had 2 children, male born 06 Aug.1886 and female 
>(I believe this one to be my grandmother Elizabeth) born 11 Sept. 1887 
>both in Bartlett, N.H.
>Loami is listed in the 1900 N.H. Census but the image is so corrupted that 
>it is indecipherable. If anyone has any info on this line you can email me 
>at <mailto:bogie@csiway.com>bogie@csiway.com. Here's hoping.
>  Gaynor DeWeese

The Sinclairs of New Hampshire take up about 90% of the Sinclairs of North 
in "The St Clairs of the Isles" by Roland St Clair

Those born in  Bartlett are:

Evon Ernest Sinclair norn Bartlett 3rd October, 1865 married Cora Garden 
and had a son,
         John Andrew born 24th April, 1887

Georga Harrison Sinclair born 6th August, 1838 at Bartlett where he farms,
1st marriage to Abigail B. Deering.  2nd marriage to Addie F. Billings
         Children: Salima A adopted by her grandfather John Deering
                   Charles F.
                    Geo. Harris (died young)
                    Whitten T.

Jeremia Powell Sinclair born Bartlett 10th July, 1844 farmer and 
1st marriage: Abbie Caroline Sanborn. 2nd marriage Harriet D. Hill, 3rd 
marriage Mary Susan
Children: Willie, Lucina, Freddie I

Laomi B.D.Sinclair born Bartlett 12th April, 1864 farmer at Bartlett 
married November 1st 1855
to Emma A Drown;
Children: Archie B born  6th August 1866
               Lizzie A. born 11th September, 1887 (which must be your 

I can't trace Laomi's parents but, if you send me your snail mail address, 
I will copy the
details of the NH Sinclairs for you.

Niven Sinclair