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Re: A Response to You All


You wrote:  " . . . to clarify where the errors are in your post."
"The list is what the list members make it."

The above two statements in your reply are contradictory. It seems, Gary, you
are the one who made the error. How can my suggestions be in error when it's
a members prerogative to voice an opinion? I thought there was no right or
wrong here. With that in mind, it seems you aren't in error either. It's
something of a paradox, isn't it?


You wrote: "As my son would have said to me "Lighten up" and enjoy the many
things to be learned from and about each of us."

If my son spoke to me in such a disrespectful manner, I certainly wouldn't be
relating it to anyone. Hey, if "learning" from the members involves anything
Scottish or Sinclair-ish, I'm all for it. I don't mind a little light-hearted
chatter once in a while either but if it's life lessons you speak of, I think
we would all do better to do it offline because that's where reality is.


You wrote:  "Not that I don't agree with you about a lot of the'back and
forth babble'.  I do agree with you, but on this list its all legitimate and
we either put up with it or leave them to it.  I agree with you that the
latter option often becomes tempting, but there are occasional gems."

I whole-heartedly agree with you BUT there are times when I open my mailbox
and am overwhelmed with teeny-bopper, lonely-hearts kind of chatter coming
form this list. When I first joined this group way over a year ago, maybe
two, the conversation was more sophisticated and to the point. It was . . .
interesting. Now, I find myself reading the first posting of ALOT of subject
matter and then deleting the rest. I just find it frustrating. My hopes were
that this list would stay as intelligent as it was when I first found it.
And, believe me, all my comments are directed to the salvation of good
conversation, good taste, and an excellent learning experience for everyone.


I received many e-mails in agreement with my suggestions. Several came from
long-time members who thought the list conversation had deteriorated too. I
thank you all for your support. As a section leader for a large group, I have
learned that if you don't have guidelines as to subject matter, the purpose
for the gathering gets lost. I'm all for free speech but there's a time and
place for everything. So there. Neener-neener.

Now, let's drop it, shall we?

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt