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Re: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects

I have been gone for a couple of days and am just catching up on all of my e-mails from "the list".  I finally got to this letter-------.
  We all are from very diverse backgrounds.  This is what makes the discussion list so interesting.  I have learned so much from these people that I can't even begin to tell you how much it is.  I am not only a St. Clair, but also a decendant of people on the other side of the fence that were married into the Sinclair/St. Clair line or did battle with them, etc. 
  This is not only a discussion list it is also a history lesson on many subjects and many faces of many people.  
  If we were only to sitck to the Sinclair/St. Clair line, there would be days when no one would have to worry about their mailboxes being full.  Our family comes from much diversity, history, challenges, ways of life, etc.  This is a discussion list afterall, and there are subjects to be discussed that are not always just Sinclair/St. Clair related. Who better to discuss it with than your family?  And in one way or another we are all family. 
  I hope I have said this much without throwing too many crumbs in any one direction.  
   Where else could so many people learn so much from so many people on so many subjects at one time.
  Now I have said enough before I go into a real tirade.:):)
  Donna Willis  

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:04:19 EST JLG21447@aol.com wrote:
>Perhaps I was mistaken when I joined this group BUT I joined it for geneology 
>info and a bit of Scottish history and flavor. I've been out of the loop for 
>awhile and may be speaking out of turn BUT sometimes I catch glimpses of 
>"philosophy" and "politics" that don't belong here. I have often communicated 
>with members on other subjects too but at a private level (directly to their 
>personal e-mail address).
>Because a lot of us get soooo much e-mail we'd appreciate only the Sinclair 
>stuff. My ISP allows only so much e-mail in its cache anyway. My daughter 
>couldn't send me a message the other day because my mailbox was full. Most of 
>it was "back-and-forth" non-Sinclair babble from this group. I almost removed 
>myself from the list.
>My vote? Stick to the subject matter: Anything pertinent to the Sinclair/St. 
>Clair heritage. Those who wish to discuss other things can start chat groups 
>of their own.
>'Nough said.
>Johnnye Gerhardt-St. Clair 

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