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Re: Stay On Sinclair/St. Clair Subjects

Dear Niven, I must say you have caused quite a dust up here this a.m.  
Instead of doing my chores I have been tearing this pit that passes for a 
home office apart looking for my file folder.  As you can see my 
organizational skills are quite lacking, therefore my status as a lurker 
rather than a contributor.  With all that out of the way here goes.  Our 
information comes mainly from Jean Grigsby and my mothers cousin Lillian 
StClair Blackford both of whom have worked on this for years.  In fact I 
believe Jean to be one of the more respected family historians.  The story, 
finally!  Alexander Sinkler of Glasgow sailed on or about Oct. 19.1696 from 
Liverpool to Virginia on a boat called Ye Old Loyalty.  Alex settled in 
eastern Virginia and had several sons one of whom is Wayman Sinkler 
Sr.(?)this Wayman had a 
 son Robert who had a son RobertJr., had William father of my great,great 
grandfather Meador, father of John Henry who was the father of our much loved 
grandfather Charles P. StClair.  That is the story as I know it.  When and 
how some of the sons of old Alex became Sinclairs and others StClairs I have 
no idea but someone must have misspelled or simply chose one over the other.  
I hope I haven't left any of the greats out but sometimes I am foggy till my 
third round of caffeine kicks in.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments 
on this list I truly feel as though I know you and hope to have the honor of 
doing just that someday. Best to you' Charlotte Gellis
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