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Re: A Response to You All

Its probably a good idea to drop it but again, others may choose not to.  I would like to say though that I regret that you chose to respond to my message, which came to you off-list, in this public way.
However, on another topic, that was an interesting list of names you presented.  Can you tell me if you have a particularly full and thorough book of  (mainly British)  forenames which you could give me the title of?  I mean thorough in the sense of giving full histories of the names.  I've been looking for such a book for some time but can find only books full of cutesey names with dubious meanings for new mummies and daddies to choose from - not quite what I have in mind at my age.
The bookshops will order any title for me, but I don't have a title and am looking for recommendations.  
Thank you so much
Judith Harper