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Re: Alexander Sinkler/Sinclair/StClair

    I don't have the extensive knowledge that Niven has, but I am working on tracing Alexander Sinclair from Virginia to Scotland.  I know that he is listed as being from Glasgow, but during a rather turbulent time in Scottish history, people probably moved around quite often.  I have found another imigration record that actually says he indentured in Liverpool before coming to Virginia.  Jean Grigsby has given me tremendous help tracing related families, which has helped me greatly.  I have treid to trace families that are connected with the Sinclairs, but as I am not in Scotland, I have no way to check the Latter Day Saints records or the assumptions I make.
    I searched the Latter Day Saints church records and couldn't find a birth record for Alexander near Glasgow, but did find a 1669 birth in Dundee, Angus.  This intrigued me as this particular Alexander also had a brother, Thomas.  There was a Thomas Sinclair in Stafford county at the same time as our Alexander, but Jean hasn't been able to trace him.  I only found one record of him, an indenture to a Mr. Monteith, who appears to be from Glasgow.  This Monteith family may be traced to Angus after another generation.    
    In Dundee, Alexander and Thomas' father and mother are listed as James Sinclair and Agnis Shields.  They have one other child, Margaret, in 1675.  There is a Robert born in 1672, but only a James is listed as his father.  After 1675, there are no Sinclairs mentioned until the early 1700's.  It seems as though this family may have moved, possibly to Glasgow.  James is recorded as being born in 1645 in Dundee, Angus with only John Sinclair listed as his father.  There is also a William and James Sinclair who get married and raise families in Angus, James in 1640 and William in 1652.  Agnis Shields appears to be from Midlothian.
           Now, I'm sure those of you who are interested in Alexander may know of his connection to the Scott family.  The Scott family that he is connected to in Virginia is from Dundee, Angus.  I have also tried my best to trace other families from Cavaliers and Pioneers that immigrated with Sinclairs, but it is very difficult without tax records and land records to back the birth records.  There are possiblities that many of these families came from Angus also.  The other Sinclairs that migrate to Virginia are also tough to trace as there are so many possibilities.
    I am willing to accept the Angus birth, at least until I can get to Scotland.  Now I need to find the parents of James Sinclair c. 1645 in Dundee, Scotland.  I am considering the possibility of John St. Clair of Hermandston and Elizabeth Sinclair of Stevenston.  I'm just trying to suggest a possibility.

Robert Goff