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Re: Those St Clair of the Isles, etc

Oops!! I've been sprung!  Here I am at 3.00am (my time) delving through St 
Clair's of the Isles!  Thanks to Niven's generosity Clan Sinclair Australia 
now has in our Library this magnificent book! And it is magnificent!  To 
anyone contemplating just getting a little section of the book and leaving 
the rest - don't!  You would be doing yourselves an injustice - there is 
just so much of our history in this book that you would be losing so 
much.  Whilst much of of the information may not be pertinent to your 
direct lines - it is to your history - to where you came from, to who you are.

I've already started preparation for continuing the genealogies that are 
given in the book and filling in the gaps.  I will keep people informed as 
I progress, although I expect it to be a lifelong task! :):):)


Milamba :):):)

>>Donald:   I just responded to your e-mail about the Lords and Earls, and this
>>response is about Those St Clairs etc  I neglected to read the Lords and
>>Earls message down the page to it's origin, an interest from me about your
>>Caithness Family Tree.  Just to keep these ideas separate in our thinking,
>>1. Yes, please send the copy of the tree, and 2.  I will send a copy of the
>>St Clairs of the Isles, but first I want you to know of a later development.
>>After much work and the waste of some 400 sheets of paper trying to do this
>>at least somewhat porofessionally, I gave up and had a local copy shop do the
>>whole jub, including the same grade of binding on the original copy.   My
>>costs, less postage, is about $9 US.  Your decision now is whether I should
>>send it First Class (about three weeks) @ $1.40, or Air  about 7 days, I'm
>>araid to ask how much!
>>Let me know.  If you have a need in your library for Caithness, Orkney and
>>Shetland families of the 1800's, ala Roland St Claire, it's worth the money.
>>If this work is published again, it's sure to be much more.  On the other
>>hand, if you sweat out the CD Rom disc program that's in the works, you will
>>get a lot more for a lot less.
>>I'll wait for your answer.     Ray
>As I copied the St Clairs of the Isles for Dr Andrew Sinclair (a copy 
>which is now
>at Noss Head) and,as the Earl, Judy (Fisken ex Rosslyn Chapel) and I have
>copies of the St Clairs of the Isles (which we refer to and quote from 
>there is no need for a further 'copy' to go to Noss Head.
>We are, as you know, continually on the look out for copies and one 
>became available in Australia which I have purchased and donated to Clan 
>Australia where Milamba will make good use of it as she is light years 
>ahead of the
>rest of us in amassing and collating genealogical information.  The amount of
>material which is available for study in various locations throughout the 
>Kingdom is mind-blowing.  We have only scratched the surface of Sinclair 
>We were an incredible family.  I do not know what occurred in recent year 
>caused us to drop the reins of power and influence - although, having said 
>Churchill had two Sinclairs in his inner cabinet and Margaret Thatcher had 
>our own
>Earl handling delicate affairs of State.
>Niven Sinclair

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