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William the Seemly

I assume that somewhere in one or more of these old books we will find the
source of the story about William the Seemly and Margaret from Hungary.
But so far no one can tell me where this story came from?  I really need
this information.  Morrison mentions this story but his book was published
in 1896.   Where did he get the story?
    By the way, I understand that those who went on the 2000 trip, might
have seen a picture of Charlemagne and St. Margaret in the House of Lords
(?).   Keep in mind that Charlemagne died in 814 and Margaret wasn't born
until 1046 in Hungary.  So they could never have known each other.   The
picture is symbolic, I believe, of Charlemagne's encouragement and patronage
of Christianity during his life as it was in the life also of St. Margaret
during her life and especially in her work in Scotland.


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