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Re: William Douglas/Egidia Stuart

I am confused.

Sir James "The Good" or "The Black Douglas", Lord of Douglas  was one of the
signatories of the Declaration of Arbroath Sir James was the son of William
"le Hardi"
"Hush ye, hush ye, little pet ye,
Hush ye, hush ye, do not fret ye,
The Black Douglas shall no get ye."

The Black Douglas  fell at Teba in 1330. His son William became  Lord of
Douglas in 1330. He fell a Halidon Hill, 1333, leaving no heir. The title
passed to his uncle, Hugh, the 2nd son of William "le Hardi". Hugh "The
Dull", Lord of Douglas  The Death of William, Lord of Douglas at Halidon
ended the hereditary line of Sir James "The Good". Therefore, the family
honours passed to Sir James' brother, Hugh "The Dull", second of three sons
of William "le Hardi". Hugh   (1294-1342).  lacked the mind needed to manage
the Douglas possessions.  He gave up his rights. Hugh had no heir,  his
younger brother, Archibald, the first Regent of Scotland, had also been
killed at Halidon. Then the nephew of Sir James, "The Good" and Hugh, "The
Dull", William, born in 1340, was created the first proper Earl of Douglas
in 1352. In 1353  William was a participant in a rebellion against King
David II in 1363, but still managed to earn an appointment as Justiciar of
Scotland under Robert II in 1371. An affair with his first cousin, Margaret
Stewart, Countess of Mar and Angus, resulted in a son, George, who became
the 1st Earl of Angus, founding the Red Douglas branch of the Douglas
family. William died in 1384, leaving his titles and possessions to his son

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