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Re: William Douglas/Egidia Stuart

Sir James Douglas "Good Sir James/Black Douglas"
b. 1286. d. August 25, 1330.
James of Douglas was the friend and ablest lieutenant of Robert the Bruce.
Known as the Black Douglas to the English and as the Good Sir James to the
Scots, Douglas was a brilliant fighter and master of guerrilla warfare. He
commanded the left wing of Bruce's army at the battle of Bannockburn. Before
his death, Bruce asked Douglas to take his heart on a crusade to the Holy
Land. Douglas set out bearing Bruce's heart in a silver casket, but on the
way fell fighting the Moors in Spain. The Scottish knights who survived
brought back Douglas's body which was entombed in the town of Douglas and
Bruce's heart which was buried in Melrose Abbey..
St. Bride's Kirk, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Cause of Death: killed in battle with the Moors
ref http://www.findagrave.com/pictures/10033.html

the same site lists 246 Sinclair graves in the United States might be worth
a try for those looking for relitives.


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