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Re: William the Seemly

Spirit One Email wrote:
 Keep in mind that Charlemagne died in 814 and Margaret wasn't born
> until 1046 in Hungary.  

According to the " Catholic Encyclopedia" on the net St Margaret was
born in 1242 and died 18 Jan., 1271. So your data above seams to be 200
years out of range.

>So they could never have known each other.   The
> picture is symbolic, I believe, of Charlemagne's encouragement and patronage
> of Christianity during his life as it was in the life also of St. Margaret
> during her life and especially in her work in Scotland.

According to the same source she never left her convent so the work in
Scotland must have been done in some other dimension.

"she was transferred in her tenth year to the Convent of the Blessed
Virgin founded by her parents on the Hasen Insel near Buda, the
Margareten Insel near Budapest today, and where the ruins of the convent
are still to be seen. Here Margaret passed all her life,...." 

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