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Re: William the Seemly

Well, Thank you all for understanding now about how St. Margaret fits into
history.  Well done.   I haven't been reading my mail as regularly because I
have been way up on some saffolding painting trim on the church that our
congregation is building mostly by ourselves.  I dislike heights but am
getting better and I am really enjoying it all

   I had started to answer Lena (see below) then saw all
of your good explanations.   And in the course of this Sinclair de la
Behottiere   brings us some new insights:
". Her body with that of her husband was taken to the Spanish monastery of
the Escorial, north of
Madrid, reburied and remains there. The oldest church in Scotland is named
in her memory."

So why did they take Malcolm and Margaret's bodies to Spain?  When was that?
I had forgotten about the messages last year about making Margaret Sinclair
a saint.  So glad to have that link also.

If St. Margaret were born in 1242 how could she have married Malcolm Canmore
of Scotland who was king from 1058-1093?   He died in 1093.  Probably
whoever typed in the date of her birth missed a key and meant to put in
1042, which is pretty close to the marriage date of her parents Edward the
Exile and Agathe in 1043-44.
3 authors on St. Margaret plus a chart on Scotland's monarchs give the death
of St. Margaret, wife of King Malcolm III, as 1093.
     The rest of the information about her living all her life in Hungary is

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