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Nova Scotia

More enquiries for the genealogists.

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Hey all ,

    In my pusuit of this Nova Scotian connection , i have come acroos many
referances to
Sinclairs , Stuarts and MacDonalds , who all have questionable connections
to Nova Scotia .

    Does anyone know anything about Oliver Sinclair fleeing in 1545 to N.S.
, he was granted a
leave from jail to visit Rosslyn and fled with supposed treasure .

    Esther Sinclair , daughter of the Earl of Caitness fled to Pictou ,
don't know the year but
she eloped and married a MacDonald , apparently he was a coachman by trade .
Are MacDonalds of
Scotland connected somehow ? , Does anyone know who the particular Earl is ?

This is my favorite , Near New Glasgow in Pictou county lies Little Harbour
and is protected by a
large headland called King's Head . In 1758 , armed British soldiers brought
a man and his wife
and servants , the army built them a house and a fine barn then left them
exiled here .  Indians
and wayward travellers who encountered the group were told , the man and
woman were exiled Stuart
King and Queen .  They had a daughter and it was proclaimed throughout
Pictou county and
surrounding counties that the true Queen of England has been born .  After
the girls parents died
, so did her claim as she married a MacDonald from the area .  They had
children and he
eventually died in a logging accident , she supposedly was visited by
Napoleanic agents during
this time and was later suspect of secret journies around the province .
She was later arrested
by British agents and all possessions were seized , she fought the claim in
court and was told by
the court that mercy and sympathy were not for those who were enemies of the
king .  Who could
the exiles be ? and why does the MacDonald's of Pictou play so prominent in
the Stuart/Sinclair
stories ?

Does anyone know who William MacDonald of Caithness is ? as he is the first
settler to Pictou .
For some reason there is a lot of knowledge of Pictou in Scotland , mainly
with MacDonalds ,
Sinclairs and Stuarts .  I wonder if William MacDonald is any relation to
Esther Sinclairs
husband ?


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